Outer Banks Wine Room Design

Have you ever dreamed of having your own custom wine room? You will want to take look at this custom wine room designed by Bevin Built.

Outer banks home design - Home builder

custom wine room

Outer banks home design - Home builder -wine room

The area behind the glass is a temperature controlled room with storage for 60 display bottles, and 298 bottles to be placed in the racks. Having the room temperature controlled helps the wine in the aging process.

Outer banks home design - Home builder

The floors are made from wine barrels. The barrels vary in color, texture, and some have print on them. Although the color scheme of the room is darker, the lighter pieces of wood make a nice contrast.

Outer banks home design - Home builder

Lighting is important to any room in your home, and while you may want your wine cellar to be as dark as possible, you can opt for mood lighting. What we have done here is we placed several sconces around the room, and lights around the copper ceiling tiles. The tiles help bounce off the light, and create a glow in the room.

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