Incredible design – incredible build! Quality is superior and a rare find in our area! Custom home at its very finest. Every detail was tended to & it is top level building. Lauren & Ashley are a dynamic duo who actually listen to the client.

The color of the house, “Pussy Willow” is perfect. With all the grays available, how did you pick this color? You must have a magic touch. It is so good to look at the ocean front view with have lots of heavy traffic up our stairs to ask about it.

Belvin Built went above and beyond the call of duty to help us! Ashley was extremely knowledgeably and responsive and the best I’ve ever dealt with in my years of Commercial and Residential Construction.

I have seen Ashley’s projects in Dare county over the years. He is a builder who pays attention to detail and he clearly demands quality workmanship. Belvin built has a very fine finished product.

Lauren, thank you so much, and yes – you guys will be friends/family and always have access to the house for future clients. And yes, I and our friends like to drink so something cold will always be here for you and Ashley. I told Ashley that I cannot imagine a better experience than we have had with you guys. I will write a reference on TowneBank letterhead and act as a personal reference. I think you might underestimate or undersell the strength of having a designer and builder combined. I know Heather and I did not understand it when our house burnt down. Thanks for the things you are doing to expedite and keep the budget cool.

The team at Belvin Built stepped in when our house burnt down in the OBX. They met with our family on-site and brought an engineer right after the fire. They have been a true partner from the demo, design, and construction of a new home on our lot that we love. Both Ashley and Lauren are professional, great communicators, have kept an eye on our budget, and most importantly are very creative to finding solutions to construction issues.

I’ve been very impressed with how Belvin Built works with their subs and the quality of the work, which is not something you see a lot of nowadays. In addition, Lauren’s sense of design and style has been a wonderful for my Wife and I during this build.

I’d highly recommend Belvin Built to anybody looking for a remodel to a new home build.