Return clients for the fourth time, flooded out in Section J of Ocean Sands in Corolla after heavy rain. With our expert suggestion, they finally went with PVC trim, like the kind used in the exterior, and floating vanities so the trim can actually dry out after future flooding, as opposed to wood which wicks up the wall, ultimately causing further damage. Due to our cabinet distribution with Sound Design, we were able to produce cabinets at unheard of turn around times with options to fit the need of having them float so they won’t be damaged in future floods. It cost them a little more than they will get from insurance but they will get their rental out faster.

The rental was only down 2 1/2 weeks in mid-summer thanks to the non-stop effort of Belvin Built. Back up and running with solutions for faster turn around time and less damage next time with the knowledge and continued education in building products and the process.

  • Floods of July 2018

    Outer Banks Water Damage Restoration in Corolla
  • Not a single drop of rain in July until the 24th when 24 inches came in a couple days

  • The water rose 6 inches up the wall

    Outer Banks Water Damage Restoration in Corolla
  • Waiting on the water to recede but Belvin Built is always closely monitoring your property to make sure damage is at a minimum

  • The entire structure has to be dried out, which can take up to a week

  • The PVC trim is unexpectedly aesthetically pleasing

  • Unexpected turn around time… #ACCOMPLISHED

  • Floating cabinets allow for a large cushion between the water and wet bar to not ruin them due to unfortunate disaster

    Outer Banks Water Damage Restoration in Corolla
  • Floating bathroom vanity as well. Not only good for flood proofing but provides for easy under cabinetry cleaning. Thanks Sound Cabinetry & Design!

  • Belvin Built installs too!

  • John reattached… Check.

  • We got your back. Rental back up and running in no time.

  • There is always a bright side with unfortunate events and Belvin Built is it