With the combination of IIRCR education & 20 years in the field, Ashley Belvin is an expert when it comes to the intrusion of water and the correct uses of building products to give your home the strength against the elements here on the Outer Banks. Greg & Cathy were more than thrilled that they found Belvin Built to explore their leaking turret. After exploration, the findings showed incorrect, faulty building. The most cost effective & efficient determination called for starting from scratch. This would allow for wider hallways, a different shape, a dream wine room and most importantly, as the old adage goes, happy wife leads to happy life, Cathy got the office she always dreamed of! Belvin Built prides itself on their continuous exploration of knowledge of the building process plus the comparison of old and new products. These elements certainly came in to play… Let us fix your issue today!

  • Before: Leaking turret

  • Another shot of the Turret from the outside leaking, rotten product of poor building. Tear it down and make it more then we ever could dream of.

  • Before: Close-up

  • Out with the round and in with the new

  • Octagon getting framed

  • No more roundness. We are now octagon, blue & have a metal roof.

  • No more roundness. We are now octagon, blue & have a metal roof.