After the homeowners contemplated retirement for quite some time, these empty nesters made the decision to build their dream backyard prior to his retirement announcement. Designed exclusively by Lauren Belvin with one-of-a-kind features that will blow you away, Belvin Built created an infinite edge pool centered around the loves of both husband & wife. Ashley & Lauren Belvin’s attention to detail in the build process led to perfect infinite edge views, overcoming the hurdle of building eight feet in the air while supporting and manipulating over 8 million pounds of concrete. This backyard pool oasis immediately made a splash.

  • Before back deck

  • Not bad

  • Tearing up the roots

  • Breathtaking design & build in the making

  • That will be the pool

  • A bar with stools on the inside and outside of the pool… Only question: Would you like a wet or dry seat?

  • Our stools have their tops & why wouldn’t they glow in the dark. Everything was hand picked and designed by Lauren Belvin, especially the bar stools… THERE ARE NO OTHER POOL BAR STOOLS IN THE WORLD!

  • Steps & bench on either side… Check.

  • Final touches for the waterfall… All hands on deck.

  • #ACHIEVEMENT… Endless water view with million dollar sunsets

  • Nothing but a back deck turned into OUTDOOR OASIS

  • Of course epic lighting was included… Belvin Built thinks of every detail.

  • Vision achieved. “More than we ever imagined” – Owner. 100% Customer turned family member. We are now their property managers.

    Outer Banks Remodeling - Pool Installation - Backyard Makeover